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    Hello, in this thread you will see some details about the Champions League edition 2, played in the period April 20th to Juny 18th, 2015. In this edition we had teams from America to make the competition bigger.

    The teams involved in this competition were:

    PEST eSports (France)
    BornToWin (Italy)
    I MERCENARI FC (Italy)
    Bamdaliers CF (Spain)
    Progen eSports (France)
    RC Recreativo (Spain)
    ClanSorca (Italy)
    Hispánicos FC (Spain)
    Ferox Suricate (France)
    Los Putus Amos (Spain)
    Special ArT (Italy)
    Forza Massilia (France)
    SoC Gaming (France)
    Legendario FC (Spain)
    WSC Club (Italy)
    FwC FC (Mexico)
    FC Serenity (EEUU)
    All Stars Mx (Mexico)
    Black Market (EEUU)
    Sublime Skill (EEUU)
    Estrellas 69 (Mexico)
    Real Merengues (EEUU)
    Viva Futbol (EEUU)
    FC Phoenix (EEUU)
    Forza Antrax (Mexico)
    Elusive (Mexico)
    FMVP Los Bukis (Mexico)

    Teams that played Round 1/8:

    PEST eSports vs Los Putus Amos
    Progen eSports
    vs BornToWin
    Forza Massilia vs RC Recreativo
    Hispanicos FC vs SoC Gaming
    FwC FC vs Forza Antrax
    Sublime Skill
    vs Estrellas 69
    FC Phoneix vs FC Serenity
    Leões do Morro FC vs MF Mafiosus (via playoffs - Both from Brazil)

    Teams that played Round 1/4:

    Los Putus Amos vs Progen eSports
    RC Recreativo
    vs SoC Gaming
    Forza Antrax vs FC Phoenix
    Leões do Morro FC vs Sublime Skill

    Teams that played Semifinals:

    Progen eSports vs FC Phoenix
    RC Recreativo
    vs Sublime Skill

    Teams that played the Final:

    RC Recreativo vs FC Phoenix

    The competition winner was RC Recreativo (4-0).

    Top 3 scorers:

    KaliiF13 (14 goals - ProGen eSports)
    dSp Neymar (8 goals - PEST eSports)
    Adrianpa (8 goals - Los Putus Amos)

    Top 3 assistants:

    ProGen Brams (9 assists - ProGen eSports)
    Yakozi (5 assists - Bamdaliers CF)
    x FA x ALBERTO x (4 assists - Forza Antrax)
    ProGen Manrek (4 assists - ProGen eSports)
    DTGxSNUBNOZE (4 assists - FC Phoenix)
    SoC Wayne (4 assists - SoC Gaming)
    Kabul Jabbar33 (4 assists - Los Putus Amos)
    Adrianpa (4 assists - Los Putus Amos)

    Top 3 GK cleansheets:

    Torres1992 (5 cs - RC Recreativo)
    Itz Hotpants (4 cs - Sublime Skill)
    SoC Slayke (4 cs - SoC Gaming)

    Top 3 defense cleansheets:

    Walker l 2 l (6 cs - Sublime Skill)
    o0 Eriik 0o (5 cs - RC Recreativo)
    Maic0nl2l (5 cs - RC Recreativo)

    Top 3 MVPs:

    Adrianpa (6 MVP - Los Putus Amos)
    SoC Slayke (5 MVP - Soc Gaming)
    Bakero6 (4 MVP - RC Recreativo)
    KaliiF13 (4 MVP - Progen eSports)
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