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    1. National Teams project of iFVPA has the purpose of creating the platform for best players of specific countries to represent their nation and to compete against other countries for the continental or global recognition.

    2. Requirements to create a National Team of a specific country include:
    2.1. Country has to be officially recognized by the majority of the UN, no disputed territories or partially recognized states are allowed to be represented on iFVPA.
    2.2. National Team must be composed of at least 11 players, that represent at least 2 different clubs.

    3. National Team Manager.
    3.1. National Team Managers are appointed by the iFVPA Community Managers (for internal communities) by FVPA Websites or Affiliated communities on their own. If you want to be a team manager you need to get in contact with the community that represents your country. In cases if there is no community of your country contact administration of iFVPA.
    3.2. National Teams can not be taken over by another community against the will of current Community Management that holds National Team. Same applies to the National Team Managers, from countries without community, its only possible to change the current manager of such country with his permission or by the voting of players from the national team.

    4. Eligibility.
    You are allowed to play for a country's National Team if you have the citizenship of the country, or if one of your parents has citizenship of this country. To avoid any misunderstanding about this matter, with our Virtual Pro Network System, it is possible (and mandatory during registration step) to set your country. This will link you to it and to the National Team for which you could play for. Remember, that it is totally forbidden to swap from a National Team to another. If a player has played any official match for a national team, including ranked friendly match, his nationality is locked on VPN.
    Players who participate on a national team other than iFVPA is subject removal from any iFVPA National team or eligibility to play in the National team.
    Each linked communities (FVPA or not) have the rights formulate specific additional rules of eligibility for their national teams, if they don't violate iFVPA rules.

    5. Nationality check.
    Even though we're not asking every person to prove their nationality as we leave it to the manager of a national team, in case of doubts, request from the community, or scandal we have a specific procedure to check the nationality. We ask to send the photo of the document that ensures a player or his parent has citizenship of the country he wants to play for, made on the background of his Origin/PSN/XboxLive profile opened on a monitor. Naturally the confidential information like number or passport picture can be erased or hidden, even though we guarantee the confidentiality of the document photo anyway.
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