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    1. Competition Structure
    Europa League has 32 slots,
    1.2 Format: Groups Stage + Knockout Stage
    1.3 Eight (8) groups with four (4) teams per group.
    1.4 Out of 32 teams: 1st placed of the group qualify directly to 1/8. Teams finished 3rd in group stage of iFVPA Champions League proceed to iFVPA Europa League 1\32 to face against teams that finished 2nd in the groups of iFVPA Europa League group stage.
    1.5 Knockout Stage includes:
    1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and Final.
    1.6 Winner of Europa League will play Champions League in the following season.

    2. Competition Setup
    Group Stage
    2.1.1 Each team will play each opponent drawn in their particular group
    2.1.2 Each fixture will be Home and Away. Fixtures are to be played on the same day, unless re-arranged by mutual agreement.
    2.1.3 Each fixture (Home and Away) are considered as separate games, with the opportunity to gain points in both games.
    Win: 3 points, Draw: 1 point, Loss: 0 Points
    2.1.4 The first team to host match will be the first team name that stands first in VPN fixture.
    2.1.5 In the case of even points, a team with better goal difference is placed above in table.
    2.2 Knockout Stage:
    2.2.1 Home and Away matches are to be played in the knockout stages
    2.2.2 The team that has better goal difference proceeds to the next round
    2.2.3 If the goal difference is level, the Away goal rule is applied.
    2.2.4 In case of a perfect draw third match must be played and Golden Goal rules is applied (first one to score wins).
    2.2.5 There will only be one draw (expect for euro league round of 32) and then matches will be played according to the bracket.

    3. Fixtures
    The Captains of the team, will have to report their agreement on the topic agreement match.
    3.2 Fixtures are set as default to be played on a Thursday
    3.3 The day and time can ONLY be changed only if BOTH managers agree to the change and report about it on topic agreements match.
    3.4 If an agreement cannot be reached the match MUST be played on the default day
    3.5 If a team FAILS to attend an agreed fixture or an agreement on an alternative date, within 15 minutes after the agreed match time, the offending team receives a default 1-0 loss.
    Default Time

    is defined by the help of this table: [​IMG]

    3.7 Maximum time of delay is 15 minutes. If a team arrives later than that they'll recieve a default loss.

    4. Match Results
    Team Manager is obligated to enter on topic agreement match results of the game by writing the format indicated on the topic
    4.2 Team manager is obligated to enter into VPN results of the game including full match squad of his team, scorers and assists, red cards if available and also to pick Man of the Match from his team (not necessarily MOTM out of both teams).
    4.3 This process must be done by both teams and each must give confirmation or not of the truth results entered by the opponents.
    4.4 The maximum allowed time to confirm a result is 48 hours, then it will be considered automatically validated.

    5. Leaving the Match
    It is allowed to leave the match in case of any problems within first 10 minutes of game time, in order to solve issues (player drop-outs or connection problems)
    5.1.1 If a team leaves a match after 10th minute it receives a default loss 0-1 or current score (it depends on what is better for the winning team).
    5.1.2 If a goal is scored before the 10th minute - it WILL be counted; even in case it has been scored whilst one of the teams was leaving the match
    5.3 You will have 3 attempts to start the match. (To be clear, 3 complete invitations sent and received). If there is no agreement after two attempts, 3rd attempt must be tried and it has to be played regardless of squad or lag problems.
    5.4 After 2 attempts and in agreement with both teams, it may be possible to propose that the game be moved to a another day. This will be ONLY possible if both sides accept the solution and that BOTH managers report this on the forum's thread.

    We suggest to the teams to pull the ball out the field before leaving the match if there is the chance.

    6. Team Withdrawal from the competition
    If a team leaves the competition in the group stage, all opponents will be awarded default wins 1-0 , even those already played
    6.2 If a team leaves the competition in the knockout stage, the opponent team will proceed in the bracket.

    7. Yellow and Red Cards
    Any player that receives a red card will be able to play again after serving one (1) match ban.
    7.2 NO yellow card accumulation is applied in the tournament.

    8. Help Requests
    For issues outside of the rules and regulations regarding clarification and / or amendment to rules, squads, fixtures or any other related question or issue regarding the competition you can contact Admin for support.

    If the topic of the request is about the outcome of the game, request must be done NO LATER than 48 hours after the conclusion of a game.

    9. Goalkeeper blocking
    Goalkeeper blocking is NOT ALLOWED, even if the game engine allows it, any form of charging, moving and bugging opposite goalkeeper on any type of free kick, corner is prohibited.
    9.2 You MUST provide a recorded video as proof that there was a clear charge on goalkeeper.
    9.3 Any goals scored whilst the keeper is blocked will be cancelled.
    9.3.1 Depending on the severity of the case a team may get the default loss 1-0 for the keeper blocking.

    10. Squad List / Rosters
    The maximum number of players per squad/roster is twenty three (23)
    10.2 Each squad/roster list must be properly entered on VPN and on forum. If a player has different ID on Forum and VPN, the actual ID should match the ID registered on Forum, otherwise the team will get default loss 1-0 in every match the player plays in. If the ID of a player matches the ID on the Forum, but not the ID on VPN, captain will receive 1 match ban.
    To clarify, wrong use of capital and small initial letters don't matter, as long as it is the same ID.
    10.4 The minimum number of players to play a Europa League match is Seven (7). If the minimum number of 7 players cannot be obtained, the opposite team receives a default win 1-0.
    10.5 Only players registered within the squad/roster on forum and VPN are eligible to play in the competition.
    10.6 If an ineligible player (not registered in the squad by his manager) plays an official match, his team will lose that match by default loss 1-0.
    10.7 If it is found that a player has been swapped out for another user (outside of the registered squad), a default loss of 1-0 will be awarded.
    10.8 Transfer window is open between the end of group stage and knockout stage. During transfer window you can add\delete players in your VPN roster, but you must report the changes on forum.
    If the squad/roster is still not submitted on forum in time for your first fixture, your team receives default loss of 1-0
    10.10 Team's iFVPA Europa League rosters must consist of players that are registered for no other team in any national league which is related to iFVPA. There is only judgement when the player played the game.

    11The use of ANY is not allowed. If a team use the ANY, it will lose the match by 1-0.

    12. Cheats and Cheaters
    The captains of the various teams will have to protect themselves and as a result, protect the entire community, checking the values of its players even in matches outside the iFVPA, in order to prevent possible coalitions of players that use cheats, exploits etc.
    12.2 Any measure(s) used to glitch, hack or boost your Virtual Pro is strictly forbidden and will result in your team receiving a 1-0 default loss. VP100 is considered a specific cheating issue, player found using VP100 will be banned for entire FIFA19 and team will result in default loss 1-0 in all games he took part in. If a team got to the knockout stage and a user with a cheat was found after that, results of the knockout stage draw will not be overwritten, but the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

    13. How to enter results in VPN

    Any decision made by Admin will be adhered to and will NOT be discussed once a decision has been made.
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    Can u write the countries GMT time please? Thanks a lot

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